Things To Know Before Buying a Residential Log Cabin

In today’s fast-moving world a lot of people are seeking outdoor accessories for their gardens. Some of them have found that gardening is their hobby that they need to continue because it brings them the personal fulfillment. The only problem is that the more you garden, the more equipment you buy and you need a place to keep them all in one place.

If you need a great place to store your gardening tools, bicycles or to have an ideal place to spend your time with your friends in your backyard then building a residential log cabin is a great decision.

Everybody wants to have a place with the great atmosphere, modern design, and top quality furniture. Nowadays, residential log cabins are very modern, beautiful, robust, warm and long-lasting. What is more, you can build it from the plan that you can buy. You should think about buying a residential log cabin if you’re looking for a cheap and sturdy holiday cabin or if you need a cabin with rustic interior. You have to know that there is a lot of think about when choosing the cabin but if you follow these steps it should be easier.

Today there are many different cabins available, so you have to choose the one for your family. First of all, you have to make a plan for yourself because you have to think about a lot of details. Every detail is very important. If you want your residential cabin to be very robust, sturdy, and easy to maintain, then it is the best to go for the wood material like pine, cedar or spruce.

You should know that cedar is more expensive than pine or spruce but it is worth those extra dollars. The advantages of cedar are unrivaled.

Residential log cabins are used as the extra room, the gym, the garden office or garden relaxation area. It can create a special atmosphere in the garden and the demand for log cabins have increased significantly these days. You should remember that your garden building have to meet all your needs and wants.

Of course, all the residential log cabins reach the point where they need renovation. You will need to take advice on insulation, suitability of building materials, and thickness. You have also to remember that if you want to live in the residential log cabin, you will need a permission to build it.

Today, residential log cabins are constructed from high quality materials only, so do not be afraid of rain, wind or frost. You will have a durable, warm, long-lasting home for you and your family. What is more, people try to carry out a healthy lifestyle and to live in a residential log cabins because they are built from wood. Wood as the main building material has been used ever since human started to build a shelter for itself. Today sturdy and durable trees such as pine, spruce, and cedar are used to build these cabins. You have to remember that wood is the best building material used for building. It is robust, durable, long-lasting building material, and it is cheaper. You should also know that over time wood may split, rot or just become susceptible. It have to be treated for protection.

If you need a residential log cabin for your and your family, you have to find a reliable manufacturer. The easiest and fastest way to find one is to go online and find a reliable manufacturer but you have to know what exactly do you want and to ask the manufacturer many details. Do not forget that thicker structure with the insulation is always a better choice.

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5 Things You Must Do With a Log Cabin In Winter

Log cabins are probably the most popular trend in real estate today. People are in love with these gorgeous dwellings, especially as the McMansions that are so common continue to spread across the country. Who wants to live in something so cheaply made, especially when it looks exactly the same as every other boring house on the block?

But one of the drawbacks about log cabins is that they do require more maintenance. It is worth it, especially when considering value and permanence. After all, a log cabin can last for generations, where a cheaply made house can fall apart before the mortgage is even paid.

Here are five things you must do with a log cabin in winter to keep it in tip top condition.

Inspect The Outside

The outside of your cabin is where problems are most likely to occur. Weather can seriously wear down the condition of the outside and in areas where the climate is more extreme it is worst. Damp is especially bad for wood, which can rot or warp, though sunshine can cause cracks and dryness in the logs.

Every new season it is important than you do an inspection to make sure there are no impending issues that could cause problems. For instance, you might notice a thumb sized area of one of your walls it soft and presses inward. This is a sign of rot and once it has started it can quickly grow out of control. Or maybe you see a plank that has bulged out. This is wood warping, usually caused by moisture behind the wood that has caused it to expand outward.

Catching these things before the snow falls makes it easier to replace or repair anything that needs to be, It also gives you a chance to restain, something you should do to the wood every three to five years.

Inspect The Inside

Once the outside is secure it is time to go inside to see what might be done there. A log cabin is pretty solid and cozy, so hopefully you won’t run into any issues. But there are some that are possible to come across so you should always be vigilant in your inspections.

The first problem to look out for is signs of pests. As the weather turns colder, different creatures are going to seek shelter from the chill. Mice, insects, spiders and even small mammals like raccoons could be trying to find a way into your home as you read this. Once they get in they can wreak havoc, especially those that have burrowed into the wood like termites. They can cause damage to your house, due to scratching, biting, burrowing and waste.

Look for any signs of these critters. Go to the smaller areas of the house, like dark corners, unused rooms, closets, basements, attics or crawlspaces. Put a couple of barrier methods around your house to prevent anything from crossing over.

If you do find signs of an infestation, either bug bomb/spray yourself, or contact an exterminator who can lay out traps or fumigate for you. The sooner in the season you get it done, the better.

Pre-Spring Clean

We have all heard of Spring Cleaning, but Pre-Spring Cleaning may be even more crucial. If your house isn’t ready for the winter it isn’t ready for you to settle in and be comfortable during the frigid months ahead.

This includes removing all dust, mold and dirt from inside your home, freshening rooms that aren’t as commonly used, cleaning carpets or polishing hardwood floors, storing items for warmer months and cleaning/preparing ones for the colder and opening the chute to your fireplace and making sure it is clean and ready to go.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it is going to ensure your winter is a wonderland and not a nightmare.

Clean and Cover Gutters

Your gutters are going to be a major source of problems if you don’t get them regularly cleaned. When they back up with debris it allows rain and snow to gather and overflow, or to stay stagnant and rot the wood of your log cabin until it is cleared out. You want to make sure that never happens and so clean them out every few months.

For winter you won’t want to go out on a ladder and risk falling in the ice. So you should clear them at the beginning of the season and making sure there are no leaves still on trees nearby where they could drop in.

To keep any further debris you can get gutter covers. These little marvels allow you to snap them over the top, some magnetically and some using little clasps. This keeps things out and protects them through the winter.

You can also add an extender to the drain pipe. It will send water further from your home and keep water from building as the base of your log cabin, where it can damage the wood and foundation.

Weather strip Your Log Cabin

Want to keep cozy as the weather gets colder and colder? Stopping leaks and drafts is a good way to do it. Weather stripping will trap hot air in your home and keep it from letting out through cracks under the doors, around windows and even through your chimney, attic or basement.

You can hire someone to do it for you and it can be worth the extra cost to really seal things in. But weather stripping is also a DIY project that is pretty basic for most homeowners. You can find materials and kits online or at your local hardware store. The average cost is around $200 – $300 for an entire house. This can be more or less expensive, depending on if you do it yourself or hire someone to weatherize your log cabin for you.

All in all, it is worth putting in the effort to make sure your log cabin is well protected through the years. Especially through winter, when wood can be damaged the most.

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Things You Want Know Before Buying A Log Cabin

If you want to find an ideal solution to store all your gardening equipment and tools or if you want to add a charm to the design of your backyard and spend more time in your garden then building a log cabin is a great decision. What is more, today gardening as a hobby excites more and more people and they want to find interesting gardening accessories to expand the gardening experience. So, log cabins are the growing trends in the modern world of today.

First of all, you have to know that the location of your new building is very important for the garden. Of course, the location depends upon the structure, the size, the space available, and the purpose of the cabin to be accordingly situated. Do not forget that the size of your garden plays an important role in making the decision. This centre of attraction may help you lot at the time of gathering in your house. What is more, you have to remember that the log cabins are best avoided being constructed on the ground directly and concrete base is preferable. Of course, it can be of the wood but if the timber is laid directly on the ground then chances of it rotting increases. Wood requires regular maintenance, and moreover, it is not weather resistant.

Wood is the best building material used for building. It has been used ever since a human started to build a house for itself. It is sturdy, durable, high-quality, and long-lasting building material. Of course, the metals are also used because they are very sturdy, durable, and strong building materials. However, the most popular building material is wood and it is really cheapest to buy. Choosing the building material is very important because you can build using different materials like metal, wood or pvc. Choosing your log cabin material can be affected by the area you live in. Of course, over time wood can split, become susceptible to mold or just rot. So, it have to be treated for protection. In today’s fast-moving world, owning a log cabin provides a chance to become a designer and to beautify your bedroom, walls, and living room by yourself. It is always better to choose earthy colors. Log cabin has a natural look but it also needs regular maintenance like periodically re-staining, and etc.

Log cabins can also be used as garden sheds, gazebos or as greenhouses. Usually they come in various sizes and shapes. Of course, if you want to build your own log cabin, you need to be very sure about the requirements for the log cabin. But if you do not have the time to build it, you have to know that they can be ordered anytime. One great advantage of owning a log cabin is an opportunity to build it in a lonely place or wherever you want it to be. Of course, you must have a permission to build it. What is more, log cabin kits and other building materials can be easily found on the Internet. Some log cabins come with verandas, eaves, and finials so you need to know your needs and wants.

Log cabin can also be an aesthetic feature, which adds to the beauty of the garden but proper care should be taken to maintain that look and feel. It has to be easily accessible and well-maintained. They are very popular garden building and they can be used as the playhouses, workshops, home offices or garden sheds because they come in a variety of building materials, sizes, and prices. Log cabin kits are available from online and offline stores. Of course, if you can not find the one of your dreams, you can always design it for yourself or buy designs from the internet, and build it yourself. Finally, you will have the satisfaction of having built your cabin and saving money. Of course, there is a lot to think about when choosing your cabin but if you follow these steps, it should become easier. Log cabin is a perfect place to store all your garden tools and add charm to your garden.

In today’s modern world a majority of people are seeking outdoor accessories for their backyards. Some of them have been gardening for a year and have found that this is the hobby that they want to continue because it brings you the personal fulfillment and your garden looks better. So, the only problem is the more you garden, the more equipment you accumulate and you need a place to keep all those gardening essentials in one place. Feel free to visit our website for more information on log cabin kits, choose the one for yourself and you will have a great building which you enjoy for many years to come.

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How to Choose a Log Cabin

On the face of it, choosing a log cabin is straightforward, right? You see a cabin you like the look of and buy it – wrong! There are many pitfalls and this brief summary guides you through the process of buying a log cabin.

Log cabins are generally made by large timber companies who select, mill and process timber to manufacture a range of timber cabin designs. The manufacturers rarely sell direct to the public. Instead they contract third party sellers in various countries and territories to market and sell their products. You, the consumer, will likely order a log cabin via a third party retailer, quite possibly after seeing a picture and specification online, or else at a physical showroom. All the online retailer does is process the order and take their percentage; the cabin is manufactured, shipped and delivered by the manufacturer.

The moral here is that third party sellers may have little or no real interest in the final suitability and look of your new cabin – so long as they get their percentage of the deal they move on to the next customer in what is, after all for them a numbers game.

You may well decide here that what you would prefer to locate is a company that actually deals first hand with the timber, knows their products intimately and does care about the final result of the log cabin in your garden. Log cabin advice is not hard to find, but really worthwhile cabin advice is rare as hen’s teeth in what is basically an unregulated ‘gold rush’ of an industry. Look for companies that source only sustainable slow-grown timber themselves, that manufacture the logs and cabin components themselves, that have physical stock and that sell direct to the public backed up by, for example, ten year guarantees against wood rot.

Having located a reputable log cabin manufacturer, only consider models that have the option of complete factory tanalisation (wood preserver applied under pressure) to every part of the cabin, including windows, doors, roof and floor packs. You will pay more for this but for peace of mind and ease the extra expense is worth it. Also consider cabins that are pre-painted in the factory. If you do buy an untreated cabin it will take a lot of work to hand apply wood preserver (minimum two coats) to every part of the cabin.

Consider appropriate log thickness. Cheaper 18mm or 28mm logs may be okay for a store room or summer house but are no good for a garden home office log cabin. Go for at least 44mm thick logs for better insulation and overall solidity and durability of the cabin. Similarly, if you want to use the cabin in all seasons specify double glazing to windows and doors. Cheap single glazing or worse styrene will only disappoint when winter comes around.

Wherever and whenever possible once you have decided upon the right manufacturer and ordered the log cabin kit, you should definitely assemble the cabin yourself or else employ only a trusted local builder to do it. There are many so-called professional cabin installers whose sole objective is to erect the log cabin as quick as possible. We all know that a quick job is not at all the same thing as a good job. A very good quality cabin can be destroyed in one morning by poor assembly. The final finish is very important as it’s what you see and what will help protect the cabin from the elements. Blast it together with a nail gun and the end result will be a splintered mess susceptible to wood rot.

It really is worth the time and effort to carefully select a reputable, quality log cabin manufacturer, buy direct from them with confidence, and to assemble the cabin yourself with care and pride in the final result.

For much more on choosing a cabin and other log cabin advice visit

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How to Choose a Log Cabin Company

Building a contemporary log house always need professional support and guidance to ensure the quality of the construction. For such professional guidance, many prefer to contact the log cabin companies in their locality and are the lone, best option to build the house of your choice. However, before walking into a company for inquiry it is better to equip with as much information as possible to ensure perfection in the deal. If you are planning a meeting soon, then let’s explore few of the key aspects you need to pay attention while dealing with a perspective dealer.

• Jot down your Needs: Jotting down what you dream of is the first and foremost step. You need to focus on the space available, the wood type you prefer, the deadline of your construction and many such aspects that are vital and are needed to be communicated to the builder at the first meeting itself.

• Fix your budget: After jotting down your requirements think about the funds i.e., your affordability and availability of the funds. Decide the stream of funds and your plans for payment to the builder.

• Focus on localities: Explore your locality to find the list of log cabin companies that are offering various pre and post construction facilities. List down the pros and cons of the top-notch local companies and track their recent performance.

• Explore online: Go for peer-review online. Try to get in touch with people served by the builder earlier to know the real-time performance of the company. Attending the events by the log cabin company in your locality is of great help to understand the builder.

• Package information: Do not forget to inquire about the various packages available with a particular builder as this would further lessen your expenditure. Check whether there is a customization facility or not.

• Negotiating the price: Make the list of competitive offerings and try negotiating the price by giving exemplifications of the other competitors in the market. While exploring online, you will get ample information about the competitors and their offerings and this information is of great help when you are negotiating the price.

Once your exploration is done on your ‘D’ day i.e., the day on which you are meeting the supplier make sure you scribble the key points of your discussion as this would enable you to assess and compare the primary and secondary sources of information. Sign up the agreement if you are absolute about a particular builder’s performance.

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Tips on Choosing Log Cabin Retailers

Many people who wish to build a log cabin are puzzled with several mind-boggling queries and are unable to find the right log cabin retailer who is able to deliver the unstated. For such people who are looking out for the retailer and for people who have no clue on what to ask for when you meet the retailer, here we are listing few tips which would assist in your talks with the retailer.

Check out his exhibits – If the retailer exhibits his earlier works at any occasion, do sign up for such event. You can see the work of the retailer with your naked eyes and there will be no way for any speculation in future. Perhaps, attending such events would nourish your creativity and would generate a lot of great ideas.

Consult others – Learn something from others who have already met the retailer and get their inputs. This will help you in understanding the retailer's commitment and support to his clientele.

Compare – Matching the designs of one with others in the same field would get you a benchmark performer in the area. This would help you in choosing the best or top log cabin retailer in the market.

Subcontracts check – If at all your retailer is working with some other subcontractors it is quintessential to check out the quality and assurance of that subs to avoid any sort of discrepancy in the construction. As these subcontractors are responsible for the quality of the final income make sure they have a good market track record.

A perfectly crafted log house cabin is a culmination of builder's creativity and user's instruction. In order to give proper comments on building your dream space make sure you go through all sorts of information that is available online and offline. Here you are recommended to carry out enough research in the area regarding as this would give you additional inputs on current market trends, market leaders, and many other concerned aspects. After your exploration in the web, compare what you acquired from different sources and make a match.

As there are numerous retailers in these days a careful observation and analysis are needed in order to choose the right partner. Thus, choosing a committed retailer within budget is possible only when you carry out proper investigation before chalking out the construction agreement. Along with the above details, you need to find out whether a particular retailer is offering the model that you seek and within your space. Once you make sure that everything is within your reach you can go for agreement execution.

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Revamp With Online Log Cabins

Unlike the normal concrete fitness center and summer houses, a log cabin is a brand new revised version that not only changes the look of your space but also revitalizes your energies. Constructing a wellness or fitness center with logs is a new and most popular way of renewing your space that brings in peace and energy to participants. Log Cabin constructions are very famous in the western part of the world and are crawling to the other parts slowly. Perhaps, constructing a log cabin is less expensive and offers greater flexibility in many terms which is not the case with normal construction. You can use the same log cabin for many purposes. You can renew it or redicate it to suit your requirements. You can renovate it from bar to a summer house, from a wellness center to a gaming center. The only thing you got to do is to be ready with different accessories that can reinvent the beauty of the cabins. If you have enough external space at your residence you can construct a log cabin for your kid's play as well. There are many log cabin designs available online and are made to cater the varied needs of clientele across the globe.

There are many online vendors who are acquiring orders online and are modulating the construction as per client order. However, the log cabins online are not ready-made, you must wait to receive the order. Even the wait time is less when compared to the normal construction as this construction is easy to make and are flexible enough to carry. The log houses can be delivered very easily if we can get straight, tall tree trunks easily as the wood needed for any type of log house is same.

There are numerous retailers who are offering the 3D images of log cabins online which is making the task of choosing the one that suits your requirements much easier and the final construction turns out to be more approving and beautiful. For people who are interested in DIY log houses, there are websites which guide through the process of construction by offering video tutorials on how to construct log houses online. If you are experienced enough and if you have hands-on experience in dealing with wood and its parts then this tutorial would guide you well, however having an expert on the team is always preferable as this would assure a flawless house with guaranteed quality.

An interaction with the constructor online would equip you with the most needed information that would add value to your money.

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