Tree Free Options For Green Living and Eco-Friendly Choices

Paperless options are available for green living. Making a decision to live a community and global conscious lifestyle is beneficial to everyone. Small changes in your lifestyle open the door to benefiting others. Here are some suggestions for using tree free products and for going paperless. Impact our tomorrow by making changes today and save the world one tissue at a time. Purchasing tree free products for your office or home is easiest when you use a reliable online business for all your purchases. Protecting our trees is one of the most beneficial ways to protect our environment. Tree planting is an eco-friendly project which can be enhanced by going paperless on common cleaning and paper products such as rolled paper towels, c-towels, dinner napkins, bath tissue and toilet tissue.

Tree free products are made with eco-friendly substances such as Bagrass; this is a fibrous substance which remains after sugarcane stalks have been processed and the juice has been extracted. Crushed sugarcane is used to manufacture building products as well as paper products. Using Bagrass for your paper products will eliminate pollution and save trees. Products made from this material are available for office and home use and can be easily ordered and delivered directly to you. Other tree free substances include bamboo and corn starch.

Bamboo can grow up to 40 inches in a 24 hour period and grows to its maximum height within a single season which lasts 3 to 4 months. Cutting down and using bamboo to create paper towels or toilet paper is an eco-friendly way to protect our environment. Corn starch is also a substance used to create products such as cutlery. Products created from the resin of cornstarch are biodegradable in a home composting system in approximately 18 months; this is a huge asset to our environment when we consider that a simple plastic bottle takes 1000 years to decompose. Going paperless provides options which protect our environment. Create a better tomorrow by utilizing products that care about the environment. Using tree free products impacts the world. Make a small change today and order your tree free green products online.

Source by Ray C. Subs

Log Home Maintenance – 3 Big Considerations – Part 1

Ok, this is the time of year you should be thinking about sealing up the outside of your log home to keep things cozy for the winter. Here are three huge differences between your log home and the neighbors’ siding-clad white and beige homes stretching down the street (other than the fact that your log home has much more character!). The exterior of your log home needs to be protected from the elements, from air penetration, and from insect infestation. With a little work, these issues won’t get out of hand. In this article, let’s address our first point of getting a quality exterior grade finish on the wood to repel water and look great.

Issue #1: The Finish

There are many companies that offer exterior finishes that they claim have been engineered specifically for log homes. Beware very careful when selecting an exterior finish. Some stains and sealers are not sufficient for protecting your logs from water, wind, and UV rays, and they may wear off very quickly (within a few years). After staining your entire log home, the last thing you’ll want to have to do is start the process all over within two or three years! There are products that do very well, getting you about 5 or 6 years between coats. Of course, the sides of your house that are more exposed to wind, driving water, and sunlight may need attention sooner than the more protected sides.

Some log home finish products can make your house look dirty and dingy, especially finishes that do not harden beyond a sticky, tacky finish. Because of the tacky finish, wind-blown dust and dirt stick to the finish and soon you’ll have a filthy stack of logs. That makes periodic reapplication of the finish much more difficult because of the extra effort needed to make the logs look presentable before glopping more goop over them. Manufacturers of these finishes claim the products have ‘more solids added to them’ to aid in water repellency, but some of them still have difficulty shedding water after time.

I have tried a few different products and in my experience, I am most satisfied with Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding finish. It hardens to a slightly glossy sheen and allows the beauty of the wood to show through perfectly, and has a few different tints available to lighten or darken the logs to your liking. I’ve just applied this product in recent years and I’m very happy with it, in comparison to the finishes I took off before using the Sikkens. Oh, by the way, don’t get discouraged if you aren’t satisfied with a finish you’ve already applied and you want to try something different. There’s a product call Stripex-L that will remove your old finish easily and cleanly. I painted it on and did some light scrubbing (nothing seriously muscle aching) and the old finish rinsed right off with water, making way for two very good looking coats of Sikkens clear coat.

So, your tastes and mileage may vary. This article identifies my own experiences, and other people may have excellent luck with products I’ve removed. Feel free to try your own. A great tactic is to use a scrap piece of log that may have been left over from your construction to test your final result. Oh, speaking of which, if you have a house built from solid logs down low and thin log siding in the gable ends, be aware that finishes may apply to the different surfaces differently, causing some color mismatches. Again, the Sikkens Cetol I used did not have this problem, whereas the other products I tried did.

Coming soon, our articles about Log Home sealer and how to keep the hungry bugs away. Keep up to date by subscribing to our blog [] as well!

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Sell Your Writing With High-Powered Promotions

Want to sell your writing? It’s much easier than you think to make money and establish a fantastic writing career, but too many writers get in their own way. They hate to sell, basically because they don’t know how. With a few techniques in hand, you’ll soon become a pro.

In this article, we’ll look at some super-simple, but nevertheless high-powered promotional methods.

Before we begin, if you hate to sell, take heart. I was much like you. I used to hate promotions too. In fact, in the first 20 years of my 30-year writing career, I skated through just by sending out book proposals and magazine query letters. And people bought them, no special effort required.

Here’s what’s amusing: although I was hopeless at self-promotion, I was a wizard at copywriting and selling anything and everything, from concrete rebar to cosmetics, for my clients. I could write great copy for others, but never considered doing it for myself.

Finally, I realized that I had a real mental block. I felt it was undignified to promote myself. A kindly editor pointed this out to me, very gently, when I baulked at writing a promotional bio for myself. She told me to think of myself as one of my own clients. How would I promote this new client (me?)

After this, I had several light-bulb moments. I cleared up negative beliefs I’d been dragging around since childhood, and I’ve come to enjoy self-promotion.

You will too.

Here are some simple, practical, but high-powered ways to promote your writing:

1. Create a personal website which acts as your portfolio. In order to promote your writing online, you need an online presence. Include writing samples, contact information and a bio.

Note: A bio is not a full-blown biography. Potential clients don ‘t particularly care if you were born in a log cabin or with a silver-spoon in your mouth.

A bio is just a paragraph about you, your writing specialties and a brief reason why someone should hire you.

For example: “(Name) has been a writer/editor in Florida for many years. She specializes in health-care subjects. When you need articles, blogs or newsletters on medical matters produced quickly and for reasonable rates, contact her at (email address.)”

2. Post ads on the free classified ad sites to promote your writing. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs know they need professional web writing help, but don’t know where to get it.

The free classified ad sites are an excellent way to find local and international clients. Make sure you word the text so that potential customers can see what’s in it for them if they hire you. Show them how you’ll save them money, time and frustration.

3. If you have a few dollars to spare, promote your writing services by posting an ad on sites devoted to Internet marketers. Internet marketers are always looking for people who understand how to write for the web.

Ads on these sites are not very expensive and they can get you valuable testimonials. Read some other ads on these sites and you’ll get an idea of how to word yours.

4. Send emails to promote your writing. Do you know of a client for whom you’d like to work? Visit the company’s website, look for its contact information and send them an email to promote your writing services.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Here ‘s an example:

“Hello: I came across your website today. I wanted to introduce myself and offer my services as a freelance writer. I have been writing about real estate for more than five years and I feel I could be an asset to your company. Do you ever hire freelance writers? If so, I would be delighted to send you some samples of my work. Or you may visit my website at (site.) Thank you. Sincerely, (name).”

If you decide to send an email, be sure it is customized to the particular client.

If possible find the name of a contact person. Do not send identical emails to a thousand different companies: No one appreciates spam.

5. Start a blog. The best way to show you can write about a subject is to blog about it. It’s quick, easy and fun to start a blog that will promote your writing.

Here’s a final tip: learning effective promotional methods is just like learning to write.

You learned how to write — or are in the process of learning — by writing.

Promoting yourself takes the same amount of practice. Expect it to be challenging initially. But with each promotional piece you write, and with each client who hires, you, it will become easier… finally it will be fun, and you’ll wonder what the fuss was about.

Source by Angela Booth

Factors To Consider When Choosing Residential House Plans

A residential house is any facility that is designed for living-not business. The house ranges from a one bedroom house to an apartment building with hundreds of units. While the houses are of different sizes and come in different designs, there are a number of common factors that you should consider when coming up with the right design for your property. Here are some of the factors:


Your lifestyle is your way of living. Before you choose a given plan you need to consider the size of your family, occupation, presence of handicapped people, and the number of people you expect to be visiting you. For example, if you have a large family and you like working from home, you will not only need to have a large house with large rooms, you will also need to have many rooms that you can convert into an office.


How much are you planning on spending on the house? You should sit down with your architect and come up with designs that won’t cost you a lot of money. The design of the house greatly determines the amount of money that you will spend in the long run. Complex designs are by default more costly.

Government regulations

It’s not uncommon to find regulated residences. The regulations limit you on the size and type of house that you can construct in an area. The cool thing is that many architects will let you know of any regulations in the area. If the professional is unsure of the regulations, it’s upon you to research and find out.


This is the physical appearance of the natural and artificial features of an area. These features include: soil, rocks and other features. The architect should guide you on the design of the house after visiting the construction site. From observation and tests, the professional should know how deep the foundation can be and how important features such as drainage systems will work.


To have a good design of your residential house you need to pay a lot of attention to the architect you hire. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the professional has a degree or Masters degree in architecture. You should also ensure that the professional is certified by the relevant regulatory body.

While you can find good architects by doing local online searches, the best and easiest way of finding a great professional is through referrals from friends and relatives. This way you not only know the professional side of the architect, you will also know his/her character.

Source by Vinay Reddi

Home Facilities May Get to Generate Tidy Incomes

The process may not be easy, yet certainly not impossible. Patience and perseverance, interest and a small investment would set the stage for perhaps a lifetime of interesting activity.

Many do not seem to realize the vast possibilities of the home for small businesses. The infrastructure could be used in a hundred ways. Most have grown plants and maintained aquariums during those impressionable school careers. Maybe birds and little animal pets too. The seeds have already been sown. Besides, nature nurtures everybody right through.

A kitchen garden on rooftops or on the ground

A very productive little vegetable garden flourishes even in little containers! Quite a challenge, isn’t it? A rose garden, perhaps, propagated by cuttings? If all that sounds interesting, vegetables could feed the family and generate sales in the neighborhood too. Flowers and plants too would have a booming market. Put it all online and watch the response.

Things take time

It may sound like a long and tiring journey. Research would be needed and basic investment would be necessary. Yet it could all turn out to be most productive and bring happiness to the family. the dignity of labor would be truly learned by the kids. All the kitchen waste would go into the heap to generate compost. Nothing costly will be required, though, and DIY takes care of most things. The little nursery and flowers and vegetables are tremendous possibilities, inspiring enough.

A goldfish breeding outdoor pond, perhaps

Unless it is a tenth-floor apartment, many more activities would be possible on the ground. Kids would love the idea. Little expense is involved in setting up a goldfish pond but breeding them may be a distant dream. Other lovable aquarium and pond fish are available a plenty of variety. An indoor aquarium would require far more attention, facilities, and expense. Plenty of foliage would encourage the breeding process and the fry would need special care in a separate container. Take the plunge and things will work out done. In the days of the internet, plenty of information is easily obtained.

Breeding exotic birds like lovebirds are no distant dream either with a cage at a height to deter neighborhood cats.

Disappointments will come! Plants, fish, and birds may die. Some months may pass before anything positive happens. Getting in touch with like-minded people will help. Social media allows easy exchange of notes and images. Instead of one-way traffic, keep an eye on the possibilities of income and curb unnecessary spending.

Source by Paul Toomey

Log Home Insurance – How to Get the Best Rates

Have you heard that it’s impossible to find an insurance policy offering log home insurance? Actually, many companies do offer this coverage.

An easy way to find competitive quotes is to go to an insurance comparison website. When you fill out your information on such a website, you’ll only receive quotes from A-rated companies that offer log home insurance.

How Much Extra Will I Pay?

Log home insurance is typically 20% more than insurance for a comparably-sized non-log home. Factors that affect the price of your log home or log cabin insurance include:

* Distance from the nearest fire station. The closer you are to a fire station, the less your premium will be. Some companies will not insure a log cabin that is more than ten miles from a fire station.

* Distance from the nearest fire hydrant. Most insurance companies will offer you a discount if there is a fire hydrant one mile or less from your log home.

* Presence of a free-standing wood stove. Such a wood stove will increase your rate and some companies may decline to cover you. A more affordable choice is to install a traditional fireplace.

Can I Buy Coverage for a Log Home that is under Construction?

Some insurance companies do cover homes that are under construction. This insurance is called a Builders Risk or Course of Construction policy.

Such a policy protects homeowners and builders from liability on a construction site from loss due to theft, vandalism and accidental loss, damage, or destruction. When your home is complete, the construction policy may convert to a regular homeowners policy or you can purchase a different policy.

Lowering Your Costs

In addition to using an insurance comparison website to shop around for the best price on your log cabin insurance, some other ways you can lower your insurance costs include:

* Selecting a high deductible

* Installing safety features that will net you discounts, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and deadbolt locks

Source by Brian Stevens

Five Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Though it’s wonderful to get all those hits to your e-commerce web site, hits don’t mean much unless you convert them into sales. This is especially true if you are paying for, and not converting, clicks.

If your website is suffering from the “Conversion Rate Blues”, consider the following steps for improving sales and ultimately, profits:

1. Make sure your website is optimized to attract people with the highest potential to buy

When I first designed my log furniture website, Log Cabin Rustics, I unwittingly targeted an audience that wasn’t the perfect one for my site. As things turned out, I didn’t even rank for my two top key phrases, log furniture and log beds, in the search engines. I managed to get pretty high on the scale, however, for log cabin related searches.

People who build log cabins are a target market of mine, since many of them eventually purchase log furniture to go with their home. The most likely immediate customers, however, are those who actually searched for the term “log furniture” rather than “log cabin”. When I re-optimized my site for the search terms I thought would bring the highest conversion rate, visitors to my site were more likely to buy because my site was selling what they were searching for. My efforts paid off, when my conversion rate (and sales) doubled in the month or two following my changes.

2. Add a personal, trustworthy touch to your site

I don’t personally care to have my picture posted on the front of my website, although many people do. I do have my name prominently on the site, together with information about why I sell log furniture and my business background as a CPA. I have found that a personal touch goes a long way towards selling log furniture. Many of my customers spend $2,000, $3,000 or even $4,000 on their log furniture order, and some of them have waited years to get the furniture they want.

They didn’t find what they wanted in their local area (they must not have many white cedar trees in Texas), but they found it on my site. There’s just one problem, however. They wish they could touch the furniture, slide the drawers in and out, look for drips in the finish, and generally evaluate the quality before the drop that kind of money. I have had people drive 4-6 hours on more than one occasion for that very reason, and frankly, I don’t blame them. I’m pretty picky about my furniture too.

This is where I can help my customers. I use primarily local suppliers, and finished furniture that I sell is finished right in our building. I can and do inspect much of the furniture before it goes out. Our finishing department does a pretty good job, but if I see something I don’t like, I have them sand it down and get it right.

Some people I sell furniture to place their order online or with one phone call, but many of them talk to me several times before they place their order. They start to feel like they know me, and I start to feel like they are my friends. The last thing I want to do is ship a suite of log furniture from Michigan to Caifornia and have it come back because the customer isn’t happy. And I don’t want to let down my friends. When customers understand this, they trust me to deliver what my site promises, and that translates into sales.

There are many ways you can build trust in your website. When I realized my conversion rate was not what it could or should be, I went out and researched the topic on the web. By reading a number of SEO articles on the topic, I came up with a checklist of things to do on my site. My list included:

o giving name and contact information for the owner of the site

o telling a personal history of the business

o showing pictures of your factory, office, semi-truck or anything else that makes your business real. If possible, give an online office or factory tour.

o getting a secure security certificate and posting it on your site, and

o posting a privacy policy, warranty information, and product testimonials

3. Include a detailed FAQ on your site

A detailed FAQ that answers just about every conceivable question can do much to improve customer confidence in your site. Many people are quite methodical in their product research. They may be looking at my site at 3 in the morning, have a question, and want an answer NOW. Otherwise they will migrate on to a competitor who has both the information and product they are looking for.

I am continually tracking the questions people ask and modifying my site to make sure it answers those questions. That way people can get answers to the most common questions right away, and I don’t spend time answering the same questions over and over again.

While a good FAQ is a great time-saver for the person who has to answer those questions, it also gives site users the impression that your site is well-thought-out, that you care about their questions and will take time to answer them thoroughly. You can build trust in your website by having relevant product-related content throughout the site as well, but there’s nothing like a well-planned FAQ to assist in answering questions.

4. Make Your Shopping Cart Easy to Use

I’ve had a little trouble with my shopping cart from time to time. It seems that if I modify the header for my site, and put in a link that says “http:” instead of “https:”, the secure part of my shopping cart pops up an error message with every click of the mouse. Take it from the voice of experience–this is not conducive to sales.

If your sales are clicking right along, then suddenly drop into the abyss, it’s a good idea to go out and place a test order. I’m embarrassed to say that in my busy-ness, I’ve had to have a customer inform me of how very difficult it was for them to place an order. Upon investigation, I have found several times that something had gone wrong on my site.

In addition to making sure your shopping cart is fully functional and doesn’t return error messages, it pays to have a shopping cart that is easy to use. I am not an affiliate for Clickbank, but whenever I buy an e-book from someone who is using their service, I am always impressed with how smooth and quick the online transaction is. There have been other times when I really wanted to purchase something, but some little glitch in the shopping cart wouldn’t let me proceed with the order, and nearly drove me to distraction. As a customer I always think to myself, “if these people can’t get their website to work, how do I know they can ship me an order?”

As a webmaster or mistress, you certainly don’t want to be on the receiving end of such thoughts–and you can prevent it by making sure your website shopping cart is easy to use, and testing it every now and again to make sure it’s working properly.

5. Give Free Shipping or Make a special offer

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it really does work. I used to give away a free rocking chair to anyone who bought a suite of log bedroom furniture, and you’d be surprised how many customers I had say to me “I just love the idea of getting something free!” At the moment, I give a 5% discount for the purchase of multiple items. That might not sound like much, but its $100 on a $2000 order and many people are glad to have it.

I also include free shipping in the continental 48 states. This makes it much easier for people to know the exact cost of the furniture. I used to have people people contact me to see how much shipping would be, then I would estimate the cost of the furniture they wanted, contact several freight companies for a quote, re-contact the customer, etc. Free shipping makes everything so much easier, and it really seems to appeal to my customers too.

In conclusion

I’m sure there are other quality ways to build people’s confidence in your site–thereby increasing both conversion rate and sales. Some of my friends have Better Business Bureau seal on their sites, or participate in BizRate or other rating services. I haven’t tried any of these yet, so I can’t speak for them. But I have learned from experience that people want to know you are a real person with a real business. They want to know that you care enough to answer their questions, they want a smooth shopping process, and they really do like special offers.

In these days of security breaches and privacy concerns, many customers will need extra reassurance about the care you take in such matters. You can accomplish much in that direction by spelling out company policies on your site.

If you think the conversion rate on your site could be better, why not make a to-do list of items mentioned in this article that might not be all they could be on your site. And oh yes, if you have a website selling “widgets” but the only people finding your site are those who are searching for “bridges”, you really should change your keywords.

Source by Cari Haus

Important Points To Keep In Mind While Designing Your Own Home

People often explore options to optimize the look and feel of their living space. All homeowners even prefer custom home plans to build a house that complements all their needs. The advancement in communication technology has further made it easier for modern people to design their own home in a quick and hassle-free way. There are a number of free software programs that will help you in creating a virtual house within a few minutes. But most online house designing tools require users to provide certain ideas and basic guidelines to design the home plan online. So it becomes essential for you do some initial research before making the custom home designs.

List down Your Requirements:

While designing a house, you must keep in mind the requirements of each member of your family. For instance, you have to decide the number of bedrooms your family needs. Normally, a house consists of both bigger and smaller rooms. So you have to decide the size of each room. Also, you need to concentrate on choosing the floor plan for the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. At the same time, you also need to explore options to extend your living space by designing the basement in a proper way.

Gather Home Designing Ideas:

The trends in house plans also change at frequent intervals. If you are not familiar with the latest home structure designs and styles, it is time to brush up your knowledge. You can gather the latest home designing ideas from both online and offline sources. Along with reading books and magazines on home designing, you can also gather innovative ideas by reading the online articles and blogs. It is also a good idea to observe the houses in your neighborhood to decide the details that you will like to incorporate in your custom home designs.

Choose the Home Design Software:

You have several options to design your home. You can still make the blueprint for your house in a traditional way by using paper, pencil or eraser. But the online home planing software applications will make it easier for you to create a virtual home without putting any extra time and effort. You also have options to choose from a variety of house design software applications. A simple web search will get you information about the free house design software. But you have to evaluate the features and functionality of the software before deciding which one complements your requirements perfectly.

Evaluate the Online Home Designs:

After selecting the free building design software, you can use it to design your virtual home in 2D or 3D. The software will further provide you templates to design the floor layouts. Also, you can use the easy-to-use designing tool to experiment with different layouts by dragging and dropping lighting devices, appliances, furniture, cabinets and countertops. Similarly, you can experiment with different bathroom layouts by adding shower, bathtub, sink, mirror and toilet. After designing the virtual home, get it evaluated by each member of your family. Their feedback and suggestion will help you in optimizing the impact of the house plan.

It is also a good idea to design your own home using multiple software application. By comparing different versions of the virtual home, you can easily pick the best custom home designs that complement all your requirements.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal

How To Do Plumbing in a Log Home

The exquisiteness of a home log makes this type of housing a popular choice for people looking for quaint and comfortable living. Now, because of innovative and easy to build home log kits, it is quite affordable to build a log home. When building a home log, it is important to consider the installation of the plumbing system.

Installing plumbing in a home log is not that much different than installing plumbing in a conventional home. In most cases, the plumbing can be hidden behind the wall cladding and within the floor. A plumber will install and run the pipe system in the walls of log homes that have interior framed walls. For log homes that have all interior walls, the plumber will build a chase-way in a room on the first level. The chase-way is a boxed out area in which the HVAC and plumbing runs through to the second level of the log home.

If a log home is built with completely round log floor joists on the second level, the floor will have to be built up to allow for the electrical and plumbing. This is done by creating a space between the tongue and grove by using taking 2″x6″ boards and standing them on end. Supplementary plumbing is passed through conventional stud walls throughout the log home.

When installing the plumbing, it is much easier and less expensive to keep the bathrooms near each other such as back to back or above one another if it is a two level log home. Galvanized steel pipe is generally used for the line from the well to the pump. As well, polyethylene piping can be used as it is lighter and more flexible. However, you should not use it for the hot water. It is also essential to consider whether the pipes will be exposed to the cold. It is important to make sure the pipes are properly insulated from the cold to avoid freezing of the pipes. The plumbing should also drain easily so that water does not sit in the pipes.

It is important to check with the appropriate authorities regarding the location of the septic tank because consideration for the location will include the type of soil, drainage field, and location of the well. As well, a plumber will have to install of the fixtures and make sure the pipe system is properly installed and functioning properly.

When building a new home logs, it is essential that the plumbing system can properly take water into the home and take wastewater out of the home to be treated. An inadequate plumbing system can disrupt the normal function of the system which includes leaks, backed up sewers, burst pipes, water overflow in the home, and more. When installing a plumbing system in a log home, it is essential that you hire a professional plumber to do the job. A plumber will ensure the plumbing system is installed correctly, identify potential problems, and check the entire system to make sure it is working correctly.

Source by Adriana Noton

Rustic Log Cabin Theme Bedrooms for Kids

One of my favorite themes for a little boy’s room is the log cabin kids rustic bedroom theme. This was the choice of my son, Dakota, and we had a lot of fun achieving the “lodge” look for his room. What I liked best about it, was that it was suitable for a young boy, but works just as well for an older boy. There is a lot of room for creativity with a rustic style theme room. Lots of boys like to camp out, go hiking, fish and explore the outdoors. The room can be created to feel like your child is experiencing a wilderness adventure every night! Some design tips and suggestions are as follows:

1. There are so many options for bedding that are suitable with a rustic look, such as comforter sets that feature bear, moose, elk, deer and camping scenery. Log cabin quilts are another option, and there are numerous log cabin and rustic theme quilts available. Denim bedding or plaid flannel patterns for bedding and linens can also be used. Homespun fabrics in ticking stripes also works. For my son’s room, we used a solid print earth tone comforter, a beautiful rustic coverlet with moose in a fall scene, and an assortment of throw cushions with wildlife and navaho prints.

2. Rustic wood beds, heavy timber-look bed frames or handcrafted log beds work the best for the rustic bedroom theme.

3. Walls can be painted in earth tone colors, such as tan, rust, copper, or warm shades of brown. A color scheme of red and hunter green contrasts well with wood tones. Choose a color from the bedding if possible, or a complimentary contrasting color. Wall paper borders are available with everything from bear, moose, elk, camping scenes, snowshoes, forests and trees, and trout. Another fun option is to use log wallpaper. This works best if it is run partially up the wall. The paint above can be a neutral creme or tan color, to prevent the room from looking to dark. Wood paneling or rough-sawn plywood panels can also be used. Try painting log ‘beams’ on the ceiling.

4. A stone fireplace running up the length of one wall, creates a cozy feel. Fake stone can also be purchased. Wall art can be purchased with wilderness scenes, animals, the woods etc. Photos can be cut out from books or magazines, framed, and hung on the walls, or clustered together in groups on dressers and bookshelves. We used prints by Bev Doolittle for my son’s room, as we both loved the color and scenery. Stock photos can be purchased online of bear, moose and deer, for a minimal price. They can be printed and framed. Rough frames can be made by hand. Small tree branches can be used as curtain rods.

5. Use stuffed animals, such as beaver, bear, moose, elk, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and owls. Throw pillows with the same animals can be used on the bed or grouped together on the floor. Hang fake geese in mid-flight from the ceilings. Use old trunks to store toys.

6. Try painting an outdoor scene on the wall, or purchase a wall mural of the forest. This can then have a ‘window frame’ applied to the surrounding edges. Accessories can include: vintage signs, country cabin or wildlife area rugs, rustic lighting and decorative lanterns.

7. Wooden furniture works the best in the log cabin theme room. Simple squared-off furniture in oak, pine, or rustic furniture. Vintage household items, fishing lures, canoe paddles, or a set of weathered snowshoes can be hung on the wall. Canoe bookshelves work well in this space.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Have fun!

Source by Tracy Svendsen